GFI WebMonitor

$26 incl. vat

GFI WebMonitor enables IT administrators to comprehensively manage in real time what users are browsing and accessing on the Internet, to manage those web applications in use and to make sure that downloaded files are clean of viruses, spyware and Trojan executables.

GFI WebMonitor enables IT administrators to discover, manage and secure Internet activity in their networks in real time. This award-winning solution also provides management features and visibility into:

  • What web sites your users are browsing
  • Which applications they are using
  • The types of files being downloaded
  • How much time they are spending on the Internet
  • The amount of bandwidth being consumed, and more

Unmanaged Internet activities not only impact employee productivity but also lead to malware infections, increased bandwidth costs, legal liabilities as well as bruised company reputation.

Monitor and control web activity

Manage bandwidth and internet usage

Secure downloads and web browsing


Product Description

Get in control of your web activity and protect against web-based threats!

Is your internet use in line with your business policies?


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