GFI LanGuard 12

$26 incl. vat

Network security scanner and patch management
GFI LanGuard acts as a virtual security consultant offering:
Patch Management for Windows®, Mac OS® and Linux®
Vulnerability assessment
Vulnerability scanning for computers and mobile devices
Network auditing
Network and software auditing

Product Description

GFI LanGuard subscription is driven by its extensive feature set and capabilities:

Scan, detect and remediate network security issues.
Network auto discovery for PCs, software solutions as well as hardware.
Granular and customizable scan profiles and custom vulnerability checks.
Continuous definition updates released by GFI to enable GFI LanGuard to detect:
Latest vulnerabilities
Missing updates
Core security issues within operating systems, network devices and software applications in use on the network
Inform IT administrators when important changes are detected via email.
Portable devices bought by the company or the users are the same devices which your less security-conscious users are using to connect to your infrastructure to access their:

Business email
Files generally stored on online storage services (often without the management’s approval or that of the IT department).


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