gstarcad2015_compareWork simple and flawlessly, GstarCAD 2015 is a CAD platform solution upgrades from GstarCAD8. You will have an entirely new experience when creating documentation, detailing, or even sharing drawing data to accomplish your design with GstarCAD 2015. More stable and faster than any other CAD system, three important drafting solutions combined with a collaborative capability and innovative features is what this version offers to any CAD user.
gstarcad8_compareGstarCAD8 is a brand new CAD platform powered by a completely new engine and a number of innovative technologies to make its graphic speed and user design experience from 3 to 5 times faster while drastically reducing graphic data and memory occupancy around 40%-50% less than any other CAD product of the same category. What’s more, this platform offers a new internal structure that gives big room for further performance improvement.
mechanical_bannerGstarCAD Mechanical 2015 drafting/design software, covers all fields of mechanical design. It supplies the latest standard parts library, symbols and dimensioning tools in line with standards in different countries being compatible with AutoCAD Mechanical drawings. The standardized and intelligent mechanical design greatly enhances the efficiency of designers and helps them complete accurate product ideas.
GstarCAD MC (Mobile Client) is a mobile terminal platform developed by Suzhou Gstarsoft Co., Ltd, which is fully compatible with DWG drawings and helps users to view 3D drawings in multi-dimension perspectives and view, edit,annotate and share 2D CAD drawing files in the mobile terminal. GstarCAD MC helps you take drawings to meeting room, job site, your home, even somewhere without Internet connection. It will help to communicate with colleagues better, interpret design proposal for client and break away from office computer to achieve free design anytime anywhere.