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Covid19 : enhance safety at the workplace

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This is an illustration of new measures, automation, that will eliminate InPerson contact of your employees, customers & prospects, in their daily work routines.  

Any of these measures will eliminate hundreds of touchpoints everyday day thus minimising that #Covid19 contact. This will enhance the wellbeing of your staff and customers immediately and going forward. We will illustrate how these touchpoints put you at risk and how to mitigate them through automation.

Do you have a Local physical office?

Do you use access control biometric devices?

Do you have customers and visitors in your office or centers? Please read on?


Biometric access control

Using NFC cards, fingerprint, Retina to access the building at the turnstiles and offices doors in the various floors.

Problem: This is a highly contagious point due to the same device shared by all the users.

Solution: Our facial recognition tablet recognises faces from two meters (2m) out and has an option inbuilt infrared thermal scanner that will take temperature reading. It is integrated to your existing access control system, denying access to unknown faces and those with fever. It is also contactless and requires no physical manning, as no one needs to hold a thermal gun close to your forehead.



Once in the office the Sharing pens, exchange of forms and clipboards, movement of forms/files from desk to desk, physical one-to-one interviews and meetings: – is inevitable in the current setup, seeing even 1 – 50 customers/persons a day exposes staff exponentially if just one person is contagious or a carrier.

Problem: We fill in forms to register, share national ID at the gate, all security gate check-in, for mobile cash transaction, at the hospital reception, government counters these forms, clipboards, pens are all touchpoints.

Solution: Electronic forms that also take signature. This meets the requirements of legality and audit. Customers can utilise instore tablet or their own phones. Fill in the data, add any attachment (ID) through photo and digitally sign the form, all without any paper or pen exchange.

Replace physical forms with eforms


Every department has inbuilt work process and some very well automated, except the requirement for signed documents for regulatory, audit and accountability process, requiring a physical printout, signing and filing. Interoffice paper workflow – NDA, employment contract, cash imprest, internal memo, stores requisition etc.

Problem: Documents written and signed and moved office to office for appropriate signatures. This moving of documents create a contagion risk.

Solution: Our software provides Esignature forms, filled in and signed and automatically transmitted to the next person in the hierarchy and the originator informed on email once all the document is completed. All done on any device , anywhere.



We have vast experience in automating manual work systems and take this very opportunity to utilise our expertise and application to those designated critical service providers and must work (with minimal risk to themselves) to keep our country running as we fight the pandemic.

                Problem: Remote working people use their own devices. ICT has no control over what apps are installed therein and if they compromise office security. Login in to the corporate network, accessing accounting, financial, payroll and workprocesses. All these are no longer secure outside the corporate firewall.

Solution: Corporate or individual VPN, whitelisted devices, multi factor authentication are some of the methods to enhance corporate cybersecurity.

We look forward to engaging with you to further ways in which we can help to eliminate inherent risks in the way we currently work and make yours a safe work environment for you, your staff and your customers.

I look forward to hearing from you

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